pythonWe were setting up the classic “jumping bridal party” photo and I said, “When I count to three, everyone jump.”
“Wait,” someone said. “Do we actually jump on three, or is it one-two-three and then we jump, like on four?”
“Jump on three,” I decided. As they moved into position I offhandedly said, “Three shall be the number thou shall count…” and almost everyone laughed.
Recognizable quotes can be extremely handy. One, they’re like a verbal shorthand that explains in one or two sentences what normally takes much longer. Two, an appropriate reference can instantly create common ground with others. And if nothing else, muttering a line under your breath can be a great way to let off a little steam or gain a little perspective when you’re frustrated or upset. Here are more quotes you can use in a variety of professional situations courtesy of those seminal business thinkers, the Pythons: “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

Big customers make demands. They like special treatment. Many demand special treatment.
And you sometimes get tired of it.
Of course you shouldn’t… especially if those customers generate the bulk of your revenue.

“Then you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… with… a herring”

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