Our HR Focus

While our experience and expertise can be leveraged to the benefit of virtually any organization, our professional "sweet spot" is small- to mid-sized organizations who;

  • Have undergone significant growth and are ready to add an HR professional or Senior HR leader
  • Are in the midst of a sudden, unexpected growth spurt and need strategic HR support
  •  Missing an Interim HR leadership due to vacation/illness/skill gap/ Medical Leave of Absence
  •  Require support for HR project work

We specialize in assisting;

  • Companies on a growth spurt
  • Family businesses with succession issues or growth-related challenges
  • Companies where growth has stalled and who are looking to drive sales/EBITDA, or to cut costs and restructure
  • Companies preparing for sale
  • Private Equity funded companies looking for HR to Integrate their purchases, drive value and ready for sale

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