We specialize in providing successful HR solutions for PRIVATE EQUITY‑FUNDED COMPANIES

When your Private Equity firm needs to assemble a team of seasoned, top executives who can hit the ground running and transform an acquisition into a thriving business, your first call should be to The Red Office, PE Consulting

Call on our unmatched, turn-around experience working in small, nimble entrepreneurial organizations. Let us help you build the optimal organization and drive results - without the needless bureaucratic structure...and in record time.

M&A consulting services include:

  • Assessment of the new executive team and key players, pre purchase or preparation for a sale.
  • Integration of HR departments - Change management expertise.
  • Building an HR department from scratch - We know what programs drive the most value and what is the right order to implement each for ideal scalability and minimizes future rework.
  • HR Audit - for legislative compliance, potential future legal vulnerabilities, cost, structure and strategic alignment

How many purchases or mergers have cause headaches that could have been avoided if you had the right team and right change support from the start? Call us to learn how.