Let us help you to bring out their best

You need every executive to reach his or her true potential. As your leaders 'Thought Partner', we accelerate your executive’s learning to make them more effective leaders sooner. We provide effective coaching, tailored to the Individual and designed to ensure each candidate;

  • Deploys all of his or her talents
  • Optimizes his or her performance in the current role, and
  • Has the best chance of continuing his or her career progression in line with his or her ambition.

Call us in when you need to enhance a key leader's management skills.

We'll deepen his or her managerial attitude through a better understanding of his or her own psychological needs and responses to stress.

At The Red Office, Executive Coaching covers more ground than you might expect, including:

  • Providing assessments of executives and managers, including actionable feedback and coaching follow ups.
  • Developing Succession Planning, and coaching key players through the transition.
  • 'Accelerating the Great' - Mentoring your key, high-potential employees.
  • Turnaround Management - Coaching good but struggling managers to succeed.
  • Outplacement and job search coaching.

HR Coaching

Imagine having a senior C- Suite HR executive to help grow and develop your HR dept. and your team without a full time hire. Interim Leadership allows you to draw upon the most strategic aspects of the role only when you need it. We specialize in;

  • HR Peer Coaching - Providing strategic guidance to fellow HR executives and new HR managers in their first role not reporting to a onsite HR leader.
  • Creating an HR Department - Mentoring your new HR Managers after setting up your new HR department.
  • Passing on the knowledge - Coaching how to Coach. Teaching managers how to coach their employees.