Your business is never static.

Staffing needs can change in the blink of an eye.

Count on The Red Office, Human Capital Consulting;

  • When you have a sudden skill gap due to a vacation, illness, medical leave of absence or an unexpected leave.
    - We have specialist with deep expertise in their fields (i.e. compensation, staffing, training)
  • When you're riding a wave of growth and you need more hands on deck.
    - Our generalist are trained to hit the ground running
  • When there seems to be a revolving door on your office.
    - We can help you "turn off" the turnover using Hands-on management and quality recruiting best practices.
  • During a restructuring, task us with finding that missing piece of the puzzle.
    - Add a key skill or crucial expertise when you need it most.
  • During times of transition, let us calm the waters,
    - We provide on-site HR management for additional bench strength and mentoring.
  • When you need someone to lead strategic HR Initiatives and you don't have the expertise in house.
    - Senior level resources available who understand the business drivers of strategy.

Let The Red Office Be Your Virtual HR Dept

Imagine having a senior HR executive to help grow and develop your HR dept. and management team without the cost a full time hire.

HR-On-Demand allows you to draw upon the most strategic aspects of the role when you need it.

We will do it all: set up your HR function and mentor and train your staff to run it.

Start With an HR Audit

Human Capital Audit and Health Check will diagnose your HR department and all Human Capital policies and processes to identify;

  • Key performance drivers - are all your programs directly tied to Increasing EBITDA and aligned with the strategic goals?
  • Legislative compliance
  • Future legal vulnerabilities
  • Processes and strategic alignment
  • Ideal costs and organizational structure
  • Communications
  • 3rd party suppliers support
  • And even a survey to Identify morale and productivity barriers

Our audit is based on our custom Private Equity pre and post-acquisition service. We will provide comprehensive recommendations and prioritization of opportunities. This needs analysis is also the first step to completing a strategic plan for the HR dept.

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