Total Rewards

Effective compensation is a key driver in attracting and retaining your best employees and executives. Do you have the right incentives to drive the right behaviours? How do you pay vs. your competitors? Do your benefits cost too much?

We can ensure you maximize your reward spend and package to best drive your EBITDA results.

Reward and Recognition plans

  • Full rewards suite with spot rewards non-financial rewards.

Incentive plans

  • Linking rewards to results.

Executive Compensation plans

  • Unique Long and Short Term Incentive Plans (STIP, LTIP) to ensure alignment with executives, the board and your shareholders.

Sales Incentive Plans

  • Commission plans that drive sales were you want them.

Market Analysis

  • Ensure you have competitive base pay and total packages for your market with the right surveys.

Salary Ranges

  • Annual increase advice and setting existing pay range.

Pay Equity

  • If you have over 10 employees in Ont. or Que., chances are you will need a plan.

Benefits - Coverage and Costs

  • The right cost controls while driving value and protection for your employees in a constantly changing landscape.


  • With all programs, we also help communicate the new program with change management expertise.

Talent Acquisition

The most important decision a manager makes is who to have on their team. Get the right people on the bus with the right skills and right fit in your culture with these processes.

Assessments Tools

  • Pre-assessment of candidates aligned to their performance later on the job.
  • Psychometric testing and team integration tools available.

Job Definition/Description

  • Simple tool that is the basis for; job postings, interview questions, performance appraisals and learning curriculum.


  • How are you perceived in the recruiting marketplace?
  • Does your Talent Acquisition brand support your marketing branding to your customer?

Sourcing Candidates

  • Latest efficient sourcing techniques in the ever changing online landscape of recruiting.


  • Conduct better Interviews with Interview Guides/ Reference Guides and Behavioural Interview training.


  • From employment agreements, orientation programs to new employee training.
  • Increase your new hires chance of success.

Workforce Planning

  • Ensure your business plan aligns with your staffing plan.

Recruitment Strategy

  • Do you have a plan that all managers can follow in sourcing and selecting the best fit hire?
  • Is your process as efficient as it can be?

Foreign Recruiting

  • Experienced offshore recruiting and managing government applications.
  • We also support USA to Canadian hires and transfers.

Learning & Development

'Sharpen the saw'. Whether leveraged as a driver for your efficiency & performance levels, a competitive advantage, a retention strategy or just legislative compliance, how you train your Human Capital will impact your results. The most effective learning occurs through on the job coaching supplemented with internally developed training or brokering the best public programs.

Needs Analyst

  • Individual job or organization wide needs identified.

Role Specific & Company Wide Learning Plans

  • Whether on key roles requires a plan or you wish to have a 'learning menu' of training opportunities that is tied to your core competencies.

Leadership Learning Curriculum

  • Align your management roles with a core training program.

Action Learning

  • Most real learning occurs with on the job applications.

Team Building and Assessment

  • The best tools to drive team communication and performance and rejuvenation of current teams.

Customized Training Courses Offered

Examples of specific training offered in; Sales Development, Interviewing/Selecting, Leadership, Performance Management, Change Management, Violence in the Workplace, Outplacement Workshops, DiSC Team Development, Legal Compliance for Managers, Safety, Team Building, Career Coaching & Performance Feedback.

Leadership Development

'If you are not moving forwards, you are moving backwards' to your competition. Your competitive advantage starts with your leadership team, aligned and strong.

Leadership Assessment - 360 feedbacks, multi-rater assessment, web based assessment, individual interviews, cognitive ability testing, skills testing, personality assessment, behavioural types.

Individual Assessment - J-l-T assessment pre-promotion or termination/transfer of a HiPo candidate or addressing a performance issue.

Leadership Curriculum - Development leadership competencies & learning strategies to drive them.

Executive Coaching - Let us help you to bring out their best. For executives and HR leaders who value a CHRO as a 'thought partner'.

Succession Planning - Do you have a single point of failure ( will the departure of just one key employee will set you back?). We do HiPo Identification and Talent Room reviews and subsequent development plans, as well as  succession planning for executives and also for boards.

Mentoring & Feedback - Training managers on career coaching and performance feedback.

Career Coaching - For HiPo's or those just in the wrong role, we can help them achieve their full potential.

Performance Management

Spending too much time on employee relations issues with the bottom 20%? Drive a ‘performance culture’ with tools that have a real direct impact on your EBITDA.

Performance Appraisals/Management

  • Simple and easy to use reviews with development and goal setting from 360 feedback.
  • Align your performance measures with your hiring measures to double your Impact.

Discipline and Corrective Actions

  • Be prepared for the difficult conversations to drive performance with the employees who take most of your time. Development and Improvement Action Plans that work.


  • Coaching on legal issues, downsizing workforce adjustments and restructuring including change management and communication support so employees leave with dignity.
  • A practical Managers Guide to Termination Meetings is available, covering common questions and suggested responses and how to prepare to ensure a smooth meeting.

Outplacement Support

  • We can reduce your termination and legal costs and increase remaining employee’s morale with post termination support.

Legal Coaching

  • Pre and post termination, severance packages, negotiation, legislative compliance, policy interpretation, workplace investigations. We are certainly less expensive than a lawyer, but we also have a legal partners available when you need it.

HR Policies and Processes

  • Does your handbook or guide cover policies on Ethics, Customer gifts, Equal Opportunity Employer, Health & Safety Policy statement? Ensure you are protected and clear with your team.
  • We have a ‘Practical Employee Manual’ tested in many environments including federal and provincial jurisdictions.

Retention Strategies

  • Does your competitive advantage walk out the door each day at quitting time? Retention is more than just compensation. Understand what motivates them and learn how to increase their 'stickiness'.
  • An employee engagement survey is a good starting point.

Workplace Investigations

  • Independent investigation and resolution of harassment, policy violations or internal conflicts.
  • As an objective third party, we can mediate potential litigious or poisonous environments confidentially and with dignity. We also have legal partners skilled at resolution and ensuring we mitigate any potential future claims. We can assist in defending these claims for you.

Absence Management & Back-To-Work Strategies

  • Have an employee off on STD or LTD or WSIB? We have proven return strategies that benefit both you and your employees.

Organizational Development

Culture is the sum total of your practices, beliefs, behaviours and the stories you tell. To change or drive your culture, we measure the current state and put in place processes, organizational design, and clear expectation of each person's role to support the culture to ensure sustainability.

HR Audit

  • How effective are your HR programs? We do cultural surveys, exit interviews & legislative compliance.

Competency Development

  • The key to drive behaviour. Company level values/competencies, leadership level competencies and individual job competencies.

Job Descriptions

JD's you can actually use! Align all your HR functions with the same criteria for hiring, compensation and Performance Management with just one form.

Organizational Design

  • Does your organization have too many layers, too large a gap from manager to employees and the right number of divisions? Trained in Requisite Organization, we can assess and design the optimal structure for you.

Job Analysis & Design

  • A manager's two main roles are: hiring the best and being clear on their role/expectations.
  • Impact is highest when we clearly design the input/outputs of a role where one job hands off to the next.

Career Planning

  • Coaching for both current and outsourced employees.

HR Metrics, Measurements and Reporting

  • Get the best information to manage your business and the effectiveness of your HR strategies with a clear HR scorecard.
  • Give your line managers and your board the reporting they need to guide the business.


Change Management

Implement your next project quickly, smoothly and on budget this time with proven change management techniques.  

"People don't resist change. They resist being changed!"
- Peter Senge

Change Management Project

  • We have trained resources to guide your management team through your next implementation with tools for either a big complex / cultural change or a quick roll out.

Employee Opinion Survey

  • Employee engagement and retention audit with custom surveys.

Communication Strategy

  • Support your next project rollout or train your managers on best practices in communications.
  •  Develop ongoing communication with vehicles such as E newsletters

Speaker & Facilitator

  • Need a speaker for your next offsite? Consider an outside facilitator for your planning session so you can focus on the content, not on the process.

Strategic Planning/ Metrics

Our C suite executives can help your team see further down the road and help coach your HR team on alignment with your business strategy, so they focus on the key EBITDA drivers, not the noise.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitating offsite meetings for strategic planning for your division, your executive team or board.

HR Strategic Planning

  • Create a multi-year HR Roadmap to focus HR on the few key drivers of EBITDA with initiatives aligned in the right sequence.
  • Include metrics for each strategy to monitor HR’s progress and improve line manager’s decisions on people and costs.

Vision & Values Statement

  • Develop statements that drive alignment with a common goals.
  • Built values into all HR systems (hiring, performance management, learning) to drive cultural in the day to day.

Workforce Planning

  • Manpower and scenario planning.

Business Process Planning

  • Process flow analyst, cost analysis and optimization, financial modeling.

HR Metrics

  • HR KPI's that drive change, reporting process, board level metrics and reporting communication plans.

M & A

Help your new leadership team integrate. Build an engaging vision and culture that will drive your organization forward.

Realize the objectives in the deal. Learn from our many integrations and HR implementations on how to do an acquisition right.

Pre-Deal Due Diligence

  • Use our Human Capital Audit and assessment of key managers/executives, either pre-purchase or in preparation for sale.

Post-Deal integration

  • Post merger support with Cultural Assessments, leadership assessments, organization design/integration, Change Management and communication support.

Building a Strategic HR Dept

  • We build HR scalable and sequentially to minimize future rework and maximize EBITDA. Transform your newly acquired HR function to a strategic partner or create a new HR function from scratch.

HR Audit

  • Review of your existing HR dept. for alignment with the business they support and legislative compliance.

Pre-Deal Due Diligence

  • Use our Human Capital Audit and assessment of key managers/executives, either pre-purchase or in preparation for sale.

Post-Deal integration

  • Post merger support with Cultural Assessments, leadership assessments, organization design/integration, Change Management and communication support.
  • Building a Strategic HR Dept - We build HR scalable and sequentially to minimize future rework and maximize EBITDA. Transform your newly acquired HR function to a strategic partner or create a new HR function from scratch.

Boards & Committees

As experienced C suite executives and Board Chairs working with some of the most the demanding Private Equity boards, we can provide the support that Boards and their committees require for their fiduciary and governance requirements. We focus on those areas that drive accountability and ensure alignment with your board.

We also coach HR management on reporting material that will ‘wow’ your Committee Chairs and the full board.

HR Strategy Review

  • Provide your Board and Committees an HR strategic plan to match the business plan.

Governance Audit

  • Ensure your Board Committees have all the required information and policies to meet their governance requirement. Annual checklist /audit for your Compensation/HR Committees.

Committee Design

  • Design ideal types of committees, their mandates, audit checklists with supporting Chair and Directors job descriptions.


  • Board and Directors assessments that are unique for board members

CEO Evaluations & Succession Planning

  • What boards should require from management on succession planning and unique CEO assessments.

Not For Profit

The Red Office has experience as a Chairman of the Board for a NFP as well as Committee Chair roles. We can advise you on HR solutions that are tailored to a leaner NFP organization.



Expanding into the US or have a US division? The Red Office has managed US divisions and their unique legislative Environments.

US Policies

  • Have the right policies for your state and national requirements.

USA Recruiting

  • Develop an efficient process that is legislative compliant.

Immigration & Work Permits

  • Supporting Canadians applying to work in the US or US nationals applying to work in Canada

Benefit Plans

  • As key motivator and differentiator in the US, benefits are also highly complex with changing legislative requirements. We have the experts to ensure compliance with HIPAA, maintain costs and drive attraction and motivation.

Legislative Compliance

  • ensure you are covered in this complex and litigious environment.

'All problems and opportunities are eventually HR problems and opportunities'